Sticky Casino Bonus

Due to the increasing number of players who hunt down bonuses in online casinos and use them to their advantage, these casinos have added complicated bonus rules to the mix that have inevitably made the entire bonus structure difficult to understand. 'Sticky' bonuses are just one method used by casinos to deter those who make bonus hunting a sport.

About the Sticky Bonus

In short, a sticky bonus is a bonus that is awarded to players that can never be withdrawn. Casinos that use this bonus structure typically set up two account types for their players--the deposit account and the bonus account. Funds from the deposit account can be added to and withdrawn at the player's discretion, but funds in the bonus account can never be withdrawn. The player can choose to play games with either account and all winnings accumulated with either set of funds are deposited into the player's deposit account.

Sticky Bonus Benefits

Many gamers initially believe that the sticky bonus is of absolutely no use to them and therefore never use this bonus to place wagers. Although the player is unable to withdraw the bonus funds themselves, they can certainly keep any winnings that are earned with this money. Sticky bonus funds are also a great method for new players to try out new casinos or new games like craps, blackjack and more especially if this bonus is awarded to players at signup.

While a sticky casino bonus may not be the most glamorous offering in the world, it is still a fantastic way for players to increase their winnings when used correctly. Regardless of the bonus type, the casino is still providing free cash for the player to use as they see fit.

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